Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weekend with Skylar!

So lately we have decided that Skylar, Malorie, and Brayden, will all have a turn to sleepover at Dad's house one weekend and spend some time with us. Malorie got the first turn a little while ago but I haven't been able to post anything because I lost my camera cord. Skylar just slept over this past weekend and since I now have a new camera I am able to post about his weekend with us. I will hopefully soon be able to blog about our weekend with Malorie. Malorie only spent Friday and Saturday with us but Skylar was lucky. Since his family was leaving to go camping Thursday evening, the only way Skylar could sleep over was if he stayed with us from Thursday night to Sunday, as that was when they were returning home. He decided to skip camping with his family to be with us! Thursday night he slept over at "Grandma Cyndi's" house since Grandpa had to work Friday. He, Cayla, and Alyssa enjoyed playing the Wii. They bowled, played Tennis and some Baseball too. Friday morning Skylar and Cayla both woke up early to play Guitar Hero and other games on the Wii. Later, after I woke up we decided to do Slip n' slide. I think I went on the slip n' slide more than they did!! I than came up with the idea to get snow cones!! After getting our yummy snow cones we went to Dad's house to play his old Nintendo as Skylar brought more games to play for it. Time for dinner and Fudds it was!! I love that place!! We enjoyed every bite! Skylar and Cayla got these crazy teeth on our way out. I think he should start brushing his teeth! ha ha :) Skylar told us he had never been minature golfing so we thought that we should take him. We went there after dinner and our cousin Justin came and joined us. I took my camera with me but I forgot to take pictures :( Each hole dad would tell us how much it was from 25 cents up to $1 the person that won that hole would win that money. It was fun!! I think Skylar got like 2nd place! Way to go!! After, we had to take Justin home, so we went to his house and ended up staying there for a while as Alyssa rode the Honda 90. Than it was off to Dad's house to go to BED!! Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast french toast and bacon!! My favorite!! After I had to go to work so Skylar, Cayla, and Dad went to see Transformers. Apparently they loved it. Than they went to the park and played Tennis. I was then off work so we met at dad's house and he barbecued some burgers. After our delicious dinner Camie and Chris (Camie's boyfriend) came over to say hi and played pool with Cayla and Skylar. Sunday morning it was time for church, Skylar came with us. It was boring, as usual but it's church so what can you expect. Church was over so we ate dinner, I went to work, and Skylar hung out at the house until his family was back. I don't know what they did becuase I was gone but I bet it was fun. Dad also promised Skylar a motorcycle ride so hopefully that happened too! This weekend was a lot of fun! I will post Malorie's soon becuase it was also a blast!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prom Pictures!!

So I finally got my prom pictures.

Don't even ask why I am proposing. We didn't know what we should do in our picture. We decided to ask Randi for some ideas and she told us that I had to propose so I did.

Here is our
group picture. You can't really see everyone very well but it's awesome. I
really like this picture because it shows everyones personality
very well, trust me. The couple in the very back wasn't even really in our group. Their group ditched them and so they just came in with us. The couple in front of them is Kat and Shawn. Cayla loves Shawn because he has a deep voice. She likes to call him DVG for Deep voice guy or Shawnkerr. Then there is Randi and Aaron. Then me and Josh, Holly and Eric and Christine and Nate. It was fun having Holly and Christine in my group because we all went to elementary school together and me and Christine hadn't seen her in a long time. Prom was a lot of fun and I am glad I got to go.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Shocked!!!

Today after school, my friends Austin, Tasha, Becky, and I got in my car to go home. We dropped off Austin first and on our way to Becky's house we turned by East Sandy Elementary School. As we drove down the street,this lady, came out of nowhere and decided to make a U-turn and rammed right into my car. We were all shocked and as we saw her car just coming toward us, all we did was scream. I was shaking so bad, we were all so shocked at what had just happened. The police came and without a doubt knew that it was her fault. I had the right of way and according to her, she said she looked, but obviously she didn't because I was right by her. If she had looked, she would have seen me. My dad came and luckily he wasn't mad at all. I was really surprised. My driver's sideview mirror ripped off, and the fender is pretty banged up. I don't have any pictures because they are all on Becky's camera. I'm still shocked and I don't think I have a car anymore. It's so old that it's probably totaled.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I got asked to prom by one of my good friends Josh, so yesterday mom, Cayla, and I went shopping for a dress. We went everywhere and couldn't find anything. Today after school we decided to go to Latter Day Bride at the Gateway. When we got there we picked out a few dresses and I tried some on. I then tried on this really pretty purple one and just loved it. I really wanted it but mom wanted me to try on a few more. I agreed, so I put on a few more dresses but they just weren't as amazing as the purple one. I put it on again and we decided we had to get it. I love it and can't wait for prom. It's only like a week away, it's on Saturday the 21st.
This is a picture of my dress and it's the purple one, if you didn't know already :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm on the News!!!

Since I work at Target, yesterday while I was working, channel 4 news came and filmed all of the last minute shoppers. They stood at my lane and filmed me working for like an hour. Of course they wanted to film the cutest cashier there!! Here is the link to the video. You see me a few times and then you also see my hands getting change and grabbing a receipt. I am on the news!! It's pretty cool!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Baby Tatum

A couple weekends ago Cayla, Dad and I went to Idaho for a baby blessing. My cousin Daniel and his girlfriend Bradey had a little baby boy, Tatum Daniel Boyack. He is the cutest thing ever!! I wasn't going to blog about it but I decided I have to because when I look at his pictures he is just so cute I have to show you all. So here is a picture of him, isn't he adorable!! There is one of him and his mom, it is kind of a bad picture but its alright. I don't have a picture of his dad unfortunately. I hope you guys think he is as cute of a baby as I do. I loved going to Idaho and it was nice to see my Aunt Shauna with her new and first grandson.

The New Hannah Montana

Friday November 28, was Malorie's birthday. She is now 7!!! Unfortunately she got strep throat on her birthday so we weren't able to go over to her house for a party. We ended up going to her house on Sunday instead. Dad, Alyssa, Cayla and I, gave her a Little Pet Shop stuffed animal thing and a Hannah Montana outfit and wig. Since she got a Hannah Montana guitar from her family she was all set!! Mom gave her a pretty little dress to wear to church. It's really cute!! We had her try on her Hannah Montana stuff and she looks pretty official! She sang us some songs on her guitar. It was so cute!!! We also asked Brayden to play a song for us but he was a little too shy. He would always cover his hands with his eyes when we would talk to him. I can't explain it, he was just so cute!! While we were there Nicole gave Cayla her birthday present which was a monkey blanket. It is a blanket with a monkey hood some monkey hands and even a tail!! It was really fun to visit with everyone and see them all!! They are all so cute!! I also added a bonus picture of Alyssa with the wig on! Isn't she stylin'!!